MSSQL Tips: Tip #32 – Resolving SQL Server Master Data Services (MDS) Patching Errors

When you patch a server hosting the MDS Web Application with an SQL Server update and if you have not completed the upgrade sequence users may get this error in the MDS Web Application on client side.

Check out details in the following MSSQL Tip: “Resolving SQL Server Master Data Services (MDS) Patching Errors“.

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MSDB log file max size reset after SQL Patches

I have encountered this several times already after different Cumulative Updates/Service Packs…

We set fixed maximum size for SQL Server databases and update the max size when required. But after installing Service Pack and Cumulative Updates the maximum size is reset to 2,097,152 MB for the MSDB log file:
max size - msdb log

I am going to submit this issue to the Microsoft Connect (hopefully it still works and active) or check if somebody else had similar issues. As this happens only with one system database and only with one file I would suspect that this is a bug.

This is just something to watch out and remember to review after SQL Server patching if you use fixed maximum files sizes.