MSSQLTips: Tip #47 – SQL Server Database Mail Health Check for all SQL Servers

Most of the SQL Server DBAs will agree that we rely on email alerts too much. Tasks are automated, we have emails notifying us of failed jobs, of errors, etc. But how can we be sure that emails are always sent? If there is an email problem there is not another email that will notify us of an issue and it could be days before we realize that there is a problem.

In this tip we will provide a solution to monitor all of your servers for the different types of Database Mail issues. We will provide a T-SQL script that is executed with a PowerShell script. The PowerShell script can be scheduled to run on a Central Management Server (CMS) or another SQL Server. In our example we will run it once a day to check the Database Mail health, but you can modify it and run it every hour or as often as you need.

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